Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bill Bartmann: Common Mistakes in Marketing and Advertising

Bill Bartmann has valuable advice for business owners about marketing and advertising. There are several mistakes people often make that result in poor consumer response.

How Great I am: If your advertising is all about you and how great you are then consumers will think you’re arrogant. Your job is to show how important their needs are and what you have to offer them. Testimonials on how great you are should come from the consumer, not you.

High-Pressure Sales: High pressure sales tactics is a thing of the past; people are smart; they see right through these techniques. If your ad sounds like an infomercial you lose the consumers’ trust. Consider their needs, your product and your goals when writing ads and producing marketing material.

Long-winded; Boring: Three pages of great art-work and exciting words looks impressive to you, but either bores people or loses them because they’re too busy for all this. Get to the point; get your key message across quickly to avoid losing the reader before they get to your “call to action.”

Some Fairy-tale: It’s simply too good to be true! Change your life in an instant! Get rich quick! Eat what you want and lose weight! Look 20 years younger in 15 minutes! Come on; people don’t really believe this stuff; they know what you’re up to. Know your product; be open and honest. Consumers just want the true value of what they are buying.

Understand your Target: Are you telling your potential customers what they want to hear? Learn what your customers need and what they want to hear from you; show that you understand and you can deliver what you promise.

Make Sense to your Target: Does your target audience understand you? For example, are you “young and hip”, selling a product designed for the older generation? Make sure you are conveying a message that is easily understood by your target audience.

Marketing and advertising are an essential part of a successful, profitable business. Make sure you understand your target audience and that you convey a message that they will understand.

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