Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Business Development Myths Explained by Bill Bartmann

There are many elements involved in starting and growing a successful business. There is a process that entrepreneurs must go through in order to meet their goals in business. When considering going into business for your self, understand the facts and the myths. For example:

You get to be your own Boss – In a way, you do, but in a way, you don’t. If you are thinking of going into business for yourself just to replace your “jerk” of a boss, think again.

Consider your employees, your customers, your lenders and bankers and your vendors and suppliers. All these people will, in a sense, become your boss. All of them will tell you what you should do, why you should do it and what will happen if you don’t do it. Make your employees happy or they’ll be less productive or quit; make your customers happy or they will buy from someone else; make your loan payments or you will be sued; pay your vendors and suppliers or they will not extend you credit.

There are a lot of people you will have to develop and maintain a good relationship with; there will always be rules to follow.

You get Independence and Freedom – You are able to do whatever you want to whenever you want to. This couldn’t be more untrue! You will become very dependent on the success of your business. You may eventually gain some independence and freedom, but at first, be ready for a lot of work. With a 9 – 5 jobs, weekdays, your free time is after 5pm and on weekends. You may find yourself working very long days, including weekends, while you are establishing your business.

Going into business for itself has its advantages and disadvantages; its risks and rewards. You do get to control your own destiny when you operate your own business. Also, going into business for yourself is the only predictable way to get rich. Not everyone is born rich, marries rich, hits the lottery or inherits rich and none of these paths to riches is predictable.

There are certain elements to consider when you are thinking about giving up the job and running your own business.

Are you Right for Business?
Is Business Right for You?
Are your Persistent?
Are you Confident in Yourself?
What will you do?
What type of Business – retail, food, home-based, etc…?
Will you Buy a Business? Buy a franchise?
Will you Start a Business from Scratch?
How is the Market Demand for your Product or Service?

The research and preparation involved in going into business for your self is very time consuming. Educating yourself in business essentials is crucial to your success. Operating your own business is full-time work. You must be ready to make a commitment and to make plenty of sacrifices before you experience the reward that you want and deserve.

Bill Bartmann is a self-made billionaire who has started 7 businesses in 7 different industries. He created the Billionaire Business System, a series of books and seminars that teach you what you need to know about succeeding in any area of business. Visit Bill Bartmann’s website http://www.billionaireu.com for real business guidance to succeed even in tough economic times.

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